GBS BrandConnect Corporate Sustainability

We are committed to providing quality goods and services to customers while minimizing the impact on the environment and the use of natural resources. Corporate Sustainability is something that GBS has embraced and looks to perpetuate throughout our organization on a daily basis.

Fossil fuels

Realizing the importance of balancing our current corporate consumption of fossil fuels with the need to account for them on an equal and ongoing basis, GBS has adopted policies to help us contribute to that process and be a responsible corporate partner in the marketplace. We believe these practices will benefit the environment and positively impact our customers, suppliers, and employees.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It’s a simple message with an enormous impact. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” encourages individuals, businesses, and communities to reuse manufactured goods before tapping into our limited raw resources. Not only does GBS BrandConnect encourage this thought, but we also put it into practice at all our North American locations.

As an advocate for sustainable daily practices and processes in the marketplace, GBS is continuously looking for new ways to positively impact the environment and improve our overall business operations. As we continue to educate our employees, explore new opportunities to make sustainable contributions, and encourage our business partners to do the same, we will continue to do our part in being responsible corporate citizens.


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