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Simply stated, the true nature of creative services, far beyond visual, audible and verbal communication, is problem solving. We get our clients from point A to points B through Z, in the most disruptive, engaging, meaningful, memorable, and authentic ways possible.


GBS BrandConnect takes a holistic approach to every design and marketing challenge. Before any work begins, we analyze our clients’ offerings, creating a unique Brand Blueprint with a deep dive into every aspect of their market, vision, and product or service. This guides our messaging and distinct talking points that will be reinforced throughout the marketing campaign. Only then do our award-winning creative artists begin work on the final design to complement the marketing approach. We ensure that what our clients release is what the market wants.


There’s no brand without a brand strategy. That’s why we spent time researching our clients products, services, the competition, and the market. That ensures the go-to-market strategy isn’t fettered by guesswork. It’s precise, targeted, and detailed. With the brand strategy in place, our award-winning creative team of artists, designers, project managers, and content producers develop the perfect balance of messaging and visual elements that ensure success.


Brand design elements are composed with an entire product launch in mind. The same artists responsible for some of the most iconic corporate logos take on every client’s design needs with the same focus and intensity. Every project is run by our internal creative agency, Atomic Wash, which began as an independent design agency with an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients. Atomic Wash maintains that same spirit of independence and creativity to sharply focus on each GBS BrandConnect client.


Print, digital, direct mail, social media – whatever it takes to get the right message to the right audience, GBS BrandConnect finds the perfect path. Decades of experience and a robust, dedicated content development team help ensure every campaign tells the unique story of the brand. GBS BrandConnect handles every aspect of the campaign, from content creation to Design-to-Delivery. It’s the combination of branding, strategy, design, and marketing that connects business to success, which is why GBS BrandConnect approaches each campaign with dedication and artistry to disrupt, engage, and energize your brand.

Case Study

Hyundai Web and Marketing

We created a highly-visual, modern website design that reinforces the Hyundai name and elevates the forklift division. In addition to fresh design, we wrote relevant, easy to understand copy, incorporated engaging visuals, and restructured and streamlined the site with easy to use filters and categories to find what you need fast.


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