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Apparel, Branded Merchandise, Gifts and Custom Items

The power of branded merchandise is about connection. GBS BrandConnect uses this energetic advertising medium to promote your brands and connect to your customers. GBS BrandConnect creates unique one-to-one marketing experiences that immensely increase brand loyalty while driving an even stronger return on your marketing investment.

Everyone Loves Swag

Just take a look at the magnets attached to your refrigerator. But when you need branded products designed with eye-catching creativity and flare, GBS BrandConnect is ready. We make swag with style.

After we design your brand logo – let’s get it seen. That’s GBS BrandConnect’s commitment – to partner with you from Design-to-Delivery. No third-party vendors, no delays, and no losses in translation. One voice, one team, one path forward for everything.

And because all the products have our Atomic Wash Agency’s “fingerprints” on it, we also design the marketing campaign surrounding the merchandise to maximize their brand impact. Every product is weighted with a precise look-and-feel that seamlessly promotes your message, your logo, and your brand.

Branded Apparel

For your team or for your customers, display your brand proudly with the highest quality branded apparel available. Create a uniform look for sales teams and technicians or create wearable products for sale or to give away. Caps, shirts, hoodies, and shoes – you name it. All made with the highest standards for professional looking results.

Because the work is all done in-house with the same team and unmatched standards, you can expect consistent product quality every time. The same creative team designs the logo and messaging, handles the apparel, and delivers the results.

Branded Merchandise

Pens, coffee mugs, cuff links, and phone cases, whatever you can imagine to hand out, bag up, box, or mail, we’ll make it happen from Design-to-Delivery. We source from our growing stable of vendors for the best prices and best delivery times to get the merchandise where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Since we source thousands of products every year for all our clients, we can pass along preferred customer discounts and schedules. And, because we design and order what you need directly from the desktop of the creative team, we guarantee product quality throughout the process.

Custom Products and Solutions

If your name fits on it, GBS BrandConnect will make it. Whether you’re looking for branded merchandise to increase visibility, drive event traffic, motivate donors or say “thank you”, we can deliver original ideas, prototypes, and finished products that exceed your expectation. We understand the branded merchandise business. Our team can make it happen, whether it’s a customized item, a memorable promotion to support your marketing campaign, or an appreciation program for your clients or employees.

Case Study


GBS was tasked to concept and design innovative, relevant branded products for the attraction’s 13 on-site gift shops and present product ideas that can be easily sourced and produced to generate additional sales for The Biltmore Estate. We created ideation of over 50 new products after researching the brand, reviewing existing inventory, and exploring current trends. We then developed each idea into a custom-designed 3-D visual featuring Biltmore branding.


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