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Are You Managing Your Print, or Is It Managing You?

Documents aren’t just collections of words. They’re invaluable business resources. When you apply the right management, they perform important, standalone work, without human intervention. And companies that spend time and resources bringing them under control are just working against their own bottom-line. GBS BrandConnect is working to change that.

All That You Need In One Place

Whether you need simple print solutions that save costs, or complex custom kitting, GBS BrandConnect’s Print Solutions are designed to give you all that you need in one place. We can handle all your needs and wrap your custom designs in technology to create optimized solutions that get you to market fast with minimal lag.

Then, we get the message in front of your customers with custom mailers, postcards, flyers, and personalized products and labels with variable imaging. The endless options give you choices your competition can’t touch, with speed and efficiency.


We offer leading-edge print capabilities with variable data printing and sheetfed digital presses to produce the highest quality work, quickly and efficiently in our state-of-the-art production and fulfillment facilities at GBS BrandConnect. We connect the technologies with our expertise to print large short runs to meet any budget. We don’t just produce materials – we manage the supply chain, innovate production and deliver campaigns that keep you ahead of the competition.

Direct Mail

Whether you are pairing complex mailers with carefully chosen branded merchandise, building customer lists from scratch, finding ways to make your communication more dynamic, or analyzing marketing results, GBS BrandConnect has the right solution to keep your message in front of your most important customers. Customized mailers that call the recipient by name, focus on their interests, reach them through the media they use most, and track their actions will increase customer responses and revenue.

Customized Labels and Variable Imaging

GBS BrandConnect provides many different labeling solutions such as shipping labels, thermal transfer labels, stickers, tire labels, and many more. We take pride in producing eye-catching images, tactile and satisfying for every need, including enhanced printing, UV sculpted imaging, foils, embossed images, and more. We enhance your brand recognition with high-quality products, and can fully customize any solution with one-of-a-kind specialty items that demand your customers’ attention.

Custom Kitting

GBS BrandConnect bundles your printing and branded merchandise into unique kitting packages that work as welcome boxes for new customers, rewards for valued customers, or swag for trade shows and promotions. Each custom kit carries a theme, a company promise, and a customer call-to-action to energize and retain your clients. Custom kitting from Design-to-Delivery.

Case Study

Improving the Mailing Process for a Large Insurance Company

GBS’ commitment to process improvement and reducing costs, along with their knowledge of the customer’s operations, was instrumental in driving this project.


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