Eliminated Stock Outages and Strengthens Printed Marketing Program for Pet Insurance Group

GBS BrandConnect Eliminates Stock Outages and Strengthens Printed Marketing Program for Pet Insurance Group

Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group is committed to providing access to reliable and affordable pet insurance plans. But, like most products and services, people can’t experience the benefits of pet insurance if they don’t know about it or haven’t been offered coverage. For this reason, Crum & Forster push out marketing and campaign materials to potential clients and attend trade shows throughout the year to promote its services to employers for inclusion in benefits packages.

Unfortunately, the vendor they were utilizing for their print and marketing needs was not meeting Crum & Forster’s needs—frequently missing project deadlines and leaving Crum & Forster with no printed materials to send out as part of its marketing initiatives. This created a nightmare scenario, especially when it came time to attend trade shows and the insurance provider had yet to receive any of the materials needed to set up its booth or handouts to give to attendees!

Our Electronic Reorder Notice (e-RON) process has eliminated stock outages across the board.

The GBS BrandConnect team stepped in to speak with Crum & Forster’s vice president of sales and her team. Together they discussed Crum & Forster’s needs and areas where GBS BrandConnect could provide value in the printed materials, promotional items and branded marketing spaces.


GBS BrandConnect’s ability to meet deadlines with competitive pricing was attractive to Crum & Forster. Additionally, GBS BrandConnect’s close proximity to Crum & Forster allows us to deliver any materials needed as soon as possible by hand.

GBS BrandConnect implemented our Electronic Reorder Notice (e-RON) process. Once the quantity of an item has been depleted to a certain level, the e-RON will be automatically generated, allowing Crum & Forster to easily manage their inventory and replenish stock before it gets too low—ensuring that they have the materials they need in-hand, when and where they need them.


After choosing GBS BrandConnect, we’re happy to report that Crum & Forster no longer experiences stock outages on its marketing materials, which can largely be attributed to our Electronic Reorder Notice (e-RON) process.