Improving the Ordering Process of Promotional Items and Increasing Cash Flow for Breweries

A Well-Managed Promotional Items
Solution to Increase ROI

A brewing company located in North Carolina partnered with GBS to assist with their promotional items program. This brewery produces an impressive $2 million in revenue annually through their restaurants and distribution of their product in grocery stores. Knowing that 88% of people recall the company and brand from the promotional items they receive, this company realized the importance of using such items to successfully advertise their brand and grow their business. However, they were struggling to effectively order and maintain the promotional items that they kept on hand. The company frequently placed small orders to reduce cash flow, which caused them to pay more in the long run for the promotional items. In addition, they would frequently run out of product because they did not have a good way of monitoring their inventory levels and activity.

GBS approached the brewery to learn about their promotional items program. During this discovery, GBS determined that we could provide them with an inventory management program that would completely transform their current ordering and cash flow process. This program would allow the brewery to take advantage of bulk buy pricing by ordering larger quantities of promotional items and storing them at GBS’ warehouse until needed.

GBS has helped them increase their brand recognition and retention, while saving them valuable time, money and storage space

GBS’ commitment to process improvement and reducing costs, along with their knowledge of the customer’s operations, was instrumental in driving this project.

The Solution

The brewery opted to implement GBS’ inventory management program and is now enjoying key advantages. They utilize the MyGBS customer portal to release their inventory items as needed, which allows items to be shipped when and where they are requested. MyGBS enables the brewery to order online and manage their inventory by monitoring many available reports regarding their usage. This automated process has resulted in an efficient inventory tracking system which has allowed them to improve their cash flow. In addition to improving cash flow constraints, the brewery no longer has to worry about depleting their promotional items. Since they are able to order larger quantities and release them as needed, they have eliminated their out-of-inventory issues and can monitor inventory trending and proactively react to stay ahead of their needs. These improvements have enabled the company to easily satisfy the demands of their retail and online stores and get items to their customers in a timely manner.


By partnering with GBS for their promotional items program, this North Carolina brewing company has wholeheartedly embraced the value of an efficient promotional items management solution and are benefitting from their return on investment. They are also able to focus more attention on building on the success of their brewery and restaurants. By making their process more streamlined, GBS has helped them increase their brand recognition and retention, while saving them valuable time, money and storage space. The company couldn’t be more pleased with the solution and looks forward to working with GBS for other possible value-added products and services.